SaveGrand - Misled me on costs for bidding

Tyler, Texas 1 comment

This website is misleading those who wish to bid on items.The bidding process can cost MORE than the items true value.

I believe their are "phantom bidders" driving up the bid so this company can derive exorbitant profits. The bidding process is quite complicated and fools many bidders into paying MUCH more for the item they are bidding on. An example would be a fina winning bid of $50 for something but end up paying HUNDREDS in bidding costs. Each time you bid, there is a charge.

I would recommend that you read all the complaints you can find.This company should be put out of business by the FTC.


Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada #1325879

The reviews of this bidding site aren't positive.For someone's gain there is a loss for someone else. Due diligence is paramount.

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